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animation kids

Date: July 2 – 4 | Hours: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm | JD 150

Instructor: Sandra Dajani

This 3-day workshop will give a brief idea about animation and how it is done traditionally. Using only pencil and paper, each kid will be making his own short animated sequence to be compiled with the whole group’s other shorts to produce one film. Throughout the workshop, kids learn to lay out their ideas and express them visually. Moreover, they will be learning some basics and principles of animation through showcasing brief presentations and case studies. This will be translated when practice starts and kids get to learn various techniques when drawing and animating.

Addressed to: kids (ages 7-12)  interested in drawing, cartoons and animation.

Methods: Brief Lectures, Brainstorming ideas, Design studio working sessions

Requirements: An interest in drawing and colouring.


photo teens

Date: July 3 – 5 | Hours: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm | JD 90

Instructor: Ehab Othman

This workshop is designed for teens that are curious about Photography, students will learn:

Day 1 The basics : Shutter speed – Aperture – Iso – Composition, fields of photography and examples.
Day 2  Street photography assignment: to capture the essence of Jabal Amman streets.
Day 3  Critique and discussion… What’s next!


• Digital camera


product design

Date: July 8 – 11 | Hours: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm | JD 200

Instructors: Emad Hajjaj, Dana AlGhoul

The product design course will help students to think about creating solutions for our daily life problems by developing a product. Students will be introduced to the design process through lectures, in-class sketching, model-making and critique sessions.

Students will learn how to sketch and how to use technical drawing tools. By the end of the workshop students will be able to translate their design idea into a tangible product that they will build at the workshop. The product will be based the up-cycling concept, which will be introduced during the workshop along with other methods of eco-friendly production methods.


Day 1: Introduction to product design and product sketching

Day 2: Develop a mood board, technical drawing

 Day 3: Develop the design idea, technical drawing

Day 4: Build the product

Outcome/ Course Objective: students will learn the basics of sketching and technical drawing and develop ideas to fit the need of the target user. They will learn the significance of product design in our daily life, and its effect on societies and the economy.


• Laptop

• Sketching pads and stationary

• Butter Paper

• 30/60 triangle

• T-square (60 cm)


photo kids

Date: July 9 – 10 | Hours: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm | JD 60

Instructor: Ehab Othman

Day 1 Presentation of why photography is fun, examples and discussions followed by mobile photography basics and composition.
Day 2 Shooting outdoors (inside and around Design Institute Amman)


animation teens

Date: July 15 – 19 | Hours: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm | JD 200

Instructor: Sandra Dajani

This course will introduce participants to the principles and basics of animation and will help them incorporate acquired knowledge into creating several projects of animated shorts in practice to the techniques taught throughout the course.

The information presented will aim to help students grasp a founding knowledge of how to create animation using several mediums, both traditionally and digitally. It will also focus on improving the quality of motion graphics through embedding several rules of animation that are essential to learn by every aspiring animator.

The course will also help students grasp better techniques when creating characters and how to set them up for animation.

In addition, the course will give participants an introduction to the basics of some animation software that will enable them to create their animation. This will include Adobe Animate and After effects. The basic techniques introduced regarding the software will enable learners to use what is necessary to create animation accordingly.

Adressed to:

  • Students interested in Animation and Cartoons

  • Beginners wishing to develop their Animation skills

  • Students wishing to start a future career in Animation

Methods: The learning will be mainly conducted through practice, group/individual projects, lecturing, critique sessions and screening of several noted animations related to the module being given.


• English working knowledge

• Basic computer proficiency

• Laptop or computer access with Adobe Animate, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe AfterEffects

• Paper & sketching tools



Date: July 22 – 26 | Hours: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm | JD 200

Instructors: Dana Shahzada, Emad Hajjaj, Sandra Dajani, Ehab Othman

An intensive skill-based course designed for kids wishing to develop and strengthen a wide range of creative areas through experimentation and practical assignments realising the difference between art & design.

This course provides students the opportunity to work in a dynamic and creative art school environment and to expand and develop personal ideas while exploring a range of techniques in art & design.

During the 5 days students will explore the following areas:

Drawing, Mixed Media Painting, Mobile Photography, Cartooning and Animation.


• To help students develop a range of technical skills and develop their creative thinking

• To develop and refine ideas and learn how to evaluate progress

• To develop core skills that have a wide range of creative applications

Teaching Methods:

This course will be based and delivered in specialist art and design studios and will typically include a range of practical exercises, introductions to techniques, processes and artists’ work, and set projects which lead to personal exploration. Each day, students’ progress will be monitored and supported by the tutor who will suggest follow up reading, research and practice to support their studies. Teaching will include practical demonstrations, one on one tutoring, group discussions and critiques.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course students will be able to:

• Develop a creative practice and thought

• Enhance knowledge of materials, techniques and processes through exploration of various specialist art and design disciplines


interior teens

Date: July 23 – 26 | Hours: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm | JD 180

Instructor: Samar Khamis

This course is designed for teens that are curious about Interior design and decoration. Students will learn how to differentiate between decorating a space and designing a space to become functional and aesthetic.

Objective: To learn the basics of interior design such as: Design principles & elements, Space planning basics, Lighting, Colour, Surface treatments.


Day 1: Introduction to Interior Design: Interior Design through History

Day 2: Understanding technical drawings: (plans, rooms, scale, elevations, sections, details)

Day 3: Material

Day 4: Color in space

Methods: Lectures, Design studio working sessions

Requirements: Pencils, pens, colours, eraser, butter paper, ruler and masking tape.



Date: Aug 5 – 9 | Hours: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm | JD 200

Instructor: Sandra Dajani

This course focuses on developing characters for a proposed storyline and breathing life into the character by adding charisma and personality. The course will help participants start off with simple sketching methodologies through breaking forms into simple shapes before adding details. This will also introduce a few concepts of anatomy and correct posing.

The course will cover two aspects in terms of finalizing the character design either digitally or traditionally.


• Photoshop (CS5 or newer)

• Digital tablets

• Sketch book or white paper suitable for watercolors

 • HB pencils, Pens


fashion teens

Date: August 5 – 9 | Hours: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm | JD 200

Instructor: Edelina Joyce

The aim of this course is to give those interested in fashion design an introductory look into the design process, which will result in the design development of their own capsule collection, and the creation of their own textile surface designs.

As part of the course the participant will experiment and present upon their research and observations in order to build mood boards based on their inspiration, followed by a capsule of silhouette designs and textile surface designs. Additional techniques in the course will include: research analysis, concept formation, historical fashion eras, mood boards, drawing, designing, fabric awareness, 3D design on a mannequin, use of specialised machinery, stitch and sampling techniques; as well as visual and verbal presentation.

By the end of the course students will have gained a brief insight into the fashion design process, creating a capsule collection of designs, mood boards, basic machine and surface decoration techniques such as stitching, seaming, pressing and appliqué/reverse appliqué methods.


• To purchase fabric (Muslin/Khaam and TBC)

• A3 layout sketchbook

• Drawing tools: coloured pencils, markers, fine liners (black, colour, skin tone)

• Mixed media: charcoal, chalk, wax crayons, paint, etc

• Ruler (minimum 30cm)

• Notebook


jewellery teens

Date: August 20 -23 | Hours: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm | JD 200

Instructor: Carmela Pipicelli

This Jewellery making intensive course is designed for teens that have an interest in learning and understanding the world of jewellery.

Methods: Hands on lab practice & lectures.

Requirements: Participants are required to purchase a basic Jeweller’s kit. More information will be sent upon registration.

Objective: To learn the fundamentals of Jewellery making by creating jewellery pieces.

Outcome: Cut shapes, pierce, solder and polish to make a pendant.


accessories k

Date: Aug 22 – 23 | July 9-10 | Hours: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm | JD 80

Instructor: Nisreen Pharaon

Learn how to make beaded bracelets and necklaces using different techniques.

Methods: Hands on workshop

Requirements: kits are included


  1. Registration terms & conditions

     Since space is limited early registration is advised as we follow a “first come, first serve policy”.

    • In order to secure a spot a non- refundable 50% of the total amount as a downpayment is required before or by the registration deadline.

    • Should you withdraw from the class before the registration deadline and paid the full amount, you will only be eligible to receive 50% of the total fees.

    • Should you withdraw from the class after the registration deadline you will not be eligible to receive a refund unless you have a medical problem or an unforeseen circumstance (death in the family, accident, etc). In order to receive a refund, all necessary documentation must be presented.

    • In the case of course cancellation by Design Institute Amman, registered students are notified by email and given a full refund of the course fee or credit towards another course.

    • We may cancel a course no later than one week before it starts. If there is low demand for the course, we will notify you by email, you can either transfer onto another available course, or wait for the next term.

    • Registration deadline is 10 days before the first day of the course.

    Payment Procedure

    You can register and pay only in cash or cheque at Design Institute Amman. Tel. (06) 462-4625, mobile (077)794-2492, (079)714-2020


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