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Pattern Cutting قص البترون

This hands-on course will introduce students to the basic techniques of two-dimensional flat pattern cutting. Students will learn the fundamentals of flat pattern making for creating three-dimensional shapes by learning pattern cutting methods, terminology, drafting a block, altering patterns, as well as cut and construction methods.

This course will also introduce students to the fundamentals of creating a pattern from a three-dimensional drape. Often referred to as the reverse method, draping on the mannequin allows the designer to see the effect of gravity on the fabric and see a design come to life before producing the actual garment. Students will drape fabric onto a mannequin, and learn various methods and techniques to transfer the draped design onto paper in order to create a pattern.

Materials required by students

Dressmaking pins, French curves / pattern masters/ set squares, Small sharp scissors, Paper scissors, Fabric shears, Pencils, Erasers, Rulers (30cm minimum), Tape measures, Magic scotch tape, Glue stick, Fineliner marker pens (red, blue, green, black), Inspiration: books, objects or images, Calico fabric (muslin/خام) [meterage tbc]

About Instructor Edelina Joyce

Edelina Joyce Issa is an Anglo-Jordanian Womenswear designer, stylist, instructor and consultant.Born and raised in Jordan, Edelina looked to pursue an education in Fashion, which she gained over 6 years at University in London. During her Fashion education in London, Issa worked for brands such as Mother of Pearl, George, Hollister, and Abercrombie & Fitch. Her graduate collection was showcased at Graduate Fashion Week in London 2013, the world’s leading event in representing the very best of future creative design talent within fashion around the world.

GFW is where she became a finalist for the Fashion Innovation Award gaining recognition by Vogue, Glamour, and the Guardian. Edelina was then recommended for a position at Victoria Beckham, where she worked for three years. Edelina participated in Amman Design Week 2016 showcasing three pieces inspired by the traditional thobe and the simplicity with which it creates a versatility of shape and form. In 2017 and 2019 Issa mentored Fashion Design applicants for the Amman Design Week Student Exhibitions.

Edelina also works as a freelance Fashion Stylist and Design Consultant, and teaches Fashion Design and Fashion Sewing at the Design Institute Amman. Launching her eponymous RTW label ‘Edelina Joyce’ in Jordan, May 2017, Issa’s work combines a modern conceptual vision, with a minimal classic design aesthetic.


 تقدم هذه الدورة التدريبية للطلاب التقنيات الأساسية لقص البترون المسطح ثنائي الأبعاد. سيتعلم الطلاب أسس صناعة البترون المسطحة لإنشاء أشكال ثلاثية الأبعاد من خلال تعلم أساليب قص  ورسم ، وتعديل، وبناء البترون بالاضافة الى المصطلحات الاساسية . سيتعرف الطلاب ايضاً في هذا المساق على أسس التصميم على المانيكان مباشرة (ثلاثي الأبعاد) الذي غالباً ما يشار إليه باسم الأسلوب العكسي الذي يسمح للمصمم برؤية تأثير الجاذبية على القماش ورؤية التصميم علي الطبيعة قبل إنتاجها. سوف يكسوا .الطلاب القماش على عارضة أزياء، ويتعلموا أساليب وتقنيات مختلفة لنقل التصميم لصناعة البترون.

المواد المطلوبة من الطلاب

دبابيس خياطة ، منحنيات فرنسية / مربعات رئيسية / مجموعة مقصات  صغيرة مقصات ورق ، مقصات نسيج ، أقلام رصاص ، محايات ، مساطر (30 سم على الأقل) ، تدابير الشريط ، شريط سكوتش ماجيك ، عصا الغراء ، أقلام علامة فينيلينر (الأحمر والأزرق والأخضر والأسود) ، الإلهام: الكتب ، أشياء أو الصور ، قماش كاليكو (الشاش / الخامس

عن إديلينا جويس

  إديلينا جويس عيسى مصممة أزياء نسائية ومزينة ومدربة واستشارية. خلال دراستها لتصميم الأزياء في لندن، عملت إديلينا مع موثر اوف بيرل و جورج و هوليستر و ابيركرومبي وفيتش وأوصي بها لشغل منصب في فيكتوريا بيكهام حيث عملت لمدة ثلاث سنوات.  أطلقت عيسى علامتها الخاصة بها، عملها يجمع بين الرؤية المفاهيمية الحديثة وجماليات التصميم الكلاسيكي التقليدي

.تعمل إيديلينا كمستشارة تصميم أزياء وتُدرّس تصميم الأزياء والخياطة في معهد التصميم عمّان

Payment Procedure

You can register and pay in cash or cheque at DIAmman.
Tel. (06) 462-4625, mobile (079)714 2020.

Registration terms & conditions:

• In order to secure a spot in this course, a non-refundable 50% of the total amount as a down payment is required. 
• Since space is limited early registration is advised as we follow a “first come, first serve policy”.
• Fees must be paid in full upon registration.
• Should you withdraw from the class before the registration deadline and paid the full amount, you will only be eligible to receive 50% of the total fees.
• Should you withdraw from the class after the registration deadline you will not be eligible to receive a refund unless you have a medical problem or an unforeseen circumstance (death in the family, accident, etc). In order to receive a refund, all necessary documentation must be presented.
• You are not eligible to withdraw or transfer to another class once you attend the first lesson.
• In the case of course cancellation by Design Institute Amman, registered students are notified by email and given a full refund of the workshop fee or credit towards another course.
• We may cancel a course no later than one week before it starts if there is low demand for the course. We will notify you by email. You can either transfer onto another available course, or wait for the next term.
• Registration deadline is 2 weeks before the first day of the workshop.