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About Us

Design Institute Amman, is a Jordanian institute serving the region,

created to upgrade the design skills and capabilities of regional

professionals to enhance the competitiveness of regional businesses

through design. We provide a studied and formal link to the best

designers and design institutes in the world, enabling us to provide the

most relevant design knowledge and experience to meet the needs of

regional professionals wishing to compete and differentiate themselves 

on a global scale.


We develop relations with productive sectors of the economy,

whether it is in industry manufacturing, technical service provision

or development (gaming, graphic design, jewellery design,

product/industrial design, packaging design, interior design,

and fashion design). We identify what challenges sectors face and

determine how design might alleviate or overcome these challenges.

Based on this understanding, we work with international partner

organizations to craft and deliver appropriate design training material.

We have also developed relationships with local and regional designers

and design instructors who can offer regional flavor and experience

to design.


Our courses are designed to help professionals advance their skills

and develop new exciting career options. As such, courses are open

to professionals working within target companies and professionals

or design enthusiasts wishing to invest in either further developing

their skills or transition into new careers.

Certificates are provided for successfully completing the individual

training courses by Design Institute Amman and partner organisations

and/or instructors.




A few photos from our courses


Design Institute Amman

Tel: +962 6 4624625
Mob: +962 79 714 2020

42 Muath Bin Jabal Street
Jabal Amman




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